Confirmation classes are offered to students in 7-8th grade.

Our Confirmation program is a process that helps students grow in their relationships with Jesus through family, peers, and the church. The goal is for each student to confirm their faith, equip them to serve God and establish Christian relationships. This is accomplished through:

· Help the student & family Connect/Belong/Thrive

· Explaining the basics of Christianity and the unique emphasis of the Lutheran church

· Creating positive peer groups and adult role models

· Teaching and encouraging Christian values and morals

· Answering contemporary issues facing students today

· Offering opportunities to serve

· Experiencing both large and small group settings

· Giving you tools to use as spiritual leaders within your household

· Having fun and making friends!

Contact Mary Ann Tansler for more information.

Adults may also confirm their faith and join our family through our Life with God classes. Contact Bennie Levy.