God’s Strength in Our Inadequacy


God can and wants to do extraordinary things through weak, ordinary people.

As His children, God wants us to realize that there are times when He will intentionally choose to work through our weaknesses and inadequacies in order to reveal His glory, grace and strength.

December 31-January 1, 2017

God Wants You to Use Your Weaknesses

Mark Rein

We can recognize and be grateful for our weaknesses and inadequacies, knowing that God desires to use them to reveal His strength and power within us.

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January 7-8, 2017

God Wants You to Share Your Weaknesses

Pastor Dave Timm

We should be honest and upfront about our weaknesses so that others might see God at work through us and, in turn, experience the blessing of God’s power and grace at work through the weaknesses in their own personal life.

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