Serve the church family, the community, the world

No fair keeping all the good stuff to yourself! Followers of Christ are called to serve others — at home, in the community and around the world. Your work can help spread the love of Christ while helping you enjoy a more productive, meaningful life yourself.

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Stewardship Opportunities

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  • Time? Try some of the Bible Studies and other Groups & Classes at Royal Redeemer.
  • Talents? Learn how you can Serve at Royal Redeemer, in the community and around the world.
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Biblical Stewardship

God has given us a lot. Okay, everything. And He wants us to use it in ways that honor Him. (See Proverbs 3:9.)

At Royal Redeemer, we encourage people to be wise stewards of their valuables — their time, talents and treasure (money). That means dedicating a portion of each of those things to God’s work.

Maybe that means reserving a few hours each week for prayer and Bible study. Maybe that means volunteering your abilities at church or in the community. Maybe that means giving a percentage of your weekly income to support your church. (The Bible teaches that giving 10 percent of your income, “a tithe,” is a good guideline.)

But God isn’t concerned about getting your money or any of your other stuff. He doesn’t need it.

What He really wants is a relationship with you. Being a good steward grows from having a good relationship.