Devotions by Pastor Dave Timm: Tuesday – April 14, 2020

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I have an odd, and yet very true story to share with you.

Years ago, while doing deliveries for a print shop, I pulled up to a bank building to make a delivery to a business that was in the office building above the bank. There were 2 shady characters by the door (not unusual for the 30th and Euclid avenue area) so I waited for the right moment to get out of the car and go into the lobby of the building. The lobby was glass windows facing the bank and elevators on the other wall. I went up, made the delivery, got back on the elevator and proceeded down to the lobby. When the doors opened, I stepped out, facing the windows to the bank. I will never forget what I saw. The 2 men that I bypassed on the street earlier were in the bank, playing Bonnie and Clyde…or Butch and Sundance! They had guns out and everyone had their hands in the air. Well, I proceeded out toward my car…as they ran pass me and escaped with the money…and police arrived within seconds. We all gave our eyewitness accounts (by the way, they were all different…that will be another devotion I will write). When I got back to the shop, I shared the story with a co-worker named Jack.

The next day Jack decided to play a joke on me. When I can back from that day’s deliveries, Jack met me at the door and said 2 guys came asking about who I was. I asked Jack “who were they, did they leave their names?” , he said “I don’t know, they just wanted to know who the guy driving the delivery car yesterday was”. I was in fear for my life that the robbers were looking for me…because I was a witness to what they did. Well this went on for a few days until he broke down laughing and owned up to it just being a prank. I can still hear Jack say, “you white guys are so gullible!” It’s a story that will be part of my life forever.

So…how does that story impact you? Well…you are a witness to the Love of the Lord and all He has done for you. You have a story to tell about your relationship with Jesus! Your story does not include armed bank robbery (at least I hope not) …. but you have facts to share…your story does include:

  • The fact is that…. God hand made you.
  • The fact is that… (For most of you) God adopted you into His family through baptism. (If baptism is not part of your story, let me know)
  • The fact is that…Even though you are a child of God you are still sinful…you miss the mark…let God down.
  • The fact is that…Sin separates you from God…its wages are death.
  • The fact is that…. God still loves you. (in spite of your flaws)
  • The fact is that…On Good Friday Jesus paid the price for your sins. On Easter He rose and so will you!
  • The fact is that…YOU HAVE ETERNAL LIFE through faith in what Jesus did for YOU!
  • The fact is that…You are an eyewitness to the fact that all can be saved through faith. It is the main story that all of your other life’s stories are founded upon!

The fact is that just like the bank robbers, many others do not want you to share or witness to the fact that Jesus is your Savior. It upsets their plans, their motives, their worldview…and unfortunately their eternal destiny.

So, what will you do? Go into hiding, witness protection, change your identity, keep quiet? (I hope not) Or will you be a witness for the Lord and share the Good News with everyone?

Who can you share the Love of the Lord with? How will you do it? Will you use words or actions? What random acts of kindness can you do to God’s Glory? Who can you call, text, email, send a card to? Who can you pray for? The time has never been riper than it is today! The world needs a Savior and you are a witness to His identity!

One last thought…this world probably seems upside down to you. Well…I think we all love snow globes….and yet they are nothing until they get turned over and shaken…and then when they are returned upright, we see a new vision and are in awe. I can’t wait to see what God will do when this world gets set upright again!