Serving the Purposes of God

Many people do not fully understand the purpose of their life here on earth. Fortunately, God’s Word answers that question for us. In it, we find guidance and practical suggestions by which we can serve God through the opportunities He provides and the resources He entrusts to our care. Called to be engaged in growing and expanding His Kingdom, God invites us to experience the joy of living and giving abundantly.

November 16/17, 2019

Living and Giving Abundantly
Week 1: “Living Abundantly”

Pastor Alex Harris

God created us to love us so that we could love Him back, using His gifts to help others know and love Him, too.


November 23/24, 2019

Living and Giving Abundantly
Week 2: “Giving Abundantly” 

Pastor John Zahrte

God is a generous God and wants generosity to become a lifestyle for us that, in turn, will draw us closer to Him and bless others.

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