Discovering the Heart of God

God loved us while we were still sinners but loved us too much to simply leave us there. His grace saves us and guides us into a relationship with Him that’ll never end. While we celebrate God’s saving grace, there is more to God’s grace than we might realize. As we explore the heart of God, we rejoice as we uncover the truth behind the many other expressions of His grace.

February 26, 2020
Ash Wednesday – “Unveiling a Grace that Cleanses”

God’s gracious way of dealing with our guilt releases us from its grip and power upon our life.

Pastor Zahrte


February 29/March 1, 2020
“Unveiling a Grace that is Undeserved”

God’s heart of grace motivates Him to give us what we truly need, even when we don’t deserve it.

Pastor Zahrte


March 7/8, 2020
“Unveiling a Grace that Frees”

We can rejoice in the truth that God’s grace and love for us is not based on who we are or what we do.

Mark Rein


March 14/15, 2020
“Unveiling a Grace that Sustains”

God’s grace encourages us and gives us the ability to stand firm and endure whatever we face in life.

Traditional: Pastor Harris

Contemporary: Pastor Timm

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March 21/22, 2020
“Unveiling a Grace that Empowers”

Blessed by God’s grace, we are called to become instruments of His grace within the lives of others.

Pastor Zahrte

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March 28/29, 2020
“Unveiling a Grace that Renews”

God’s grace works change within our hearts, and equips us to grow and mature in our relationship with Him.

Mark Rein

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April 4/5, 2020
Palm Sunday – “Unveiling a Grace that Heals”

God’s grace remedies our hidden wounds and scars, changing how we see Him, our pain and ourselves.

April 9, 2020
Maundy Thursday – “Unveiling a Grace that Comforts ”

God’s grace comforts and strengthens us in our time of spiritual weakness and need.

April 10, 2020
Good Friday – “Unveiling a Grace that Restores”

No matter who we are or what we’ve done, our relationship with God can be restored by His grace.

April 11/12, 2020
Easter – “Unveiling the Call of Grace ”

Christ’s resurrection reveals the gracious invitation of God to grow deeper in our walk with Him.