Devotions by Pastor Dave Timm: Tuesday – April 28, 2020

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Matthew 7:24-25… “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.  The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.

I recalled a story from a home we bought in Seven Hills in 1987. We were very excited to move in. We bought it from my parents’ lifelong friends who were retiring to Florida. Much to our surprise a big rain came and flooded our basement! That would be bad enough, but as we were still moving in, all of our boxes of things were put down there until we figured out where they would go…including our wedding pictures! We called the previous owners who were upset that we would accuse them of selling a flawed house, and in turn never spoke to my parents again.

It was too expensive to hire someone to dig up the basement…so I decided to do it myself, to get a shovel and for the next 3 months, after working all day, I would dig. I needed to go down 6 feet to get to the drainage tiles, meaning the dirt had to be thrown 12 feet out of the hole. When it rained the dirt washed back down into the hole. So, now that you see the situation…I will get to the (now funny) part.

My 90-year-old neighbor did not need a tv because every night I was his entertainment as he would get a chair, his glass of lemonade, and sit on the border line of his property and watch me dig. He never spoke…just watched. After 3 months, I had dug the whole back of the house, and most of the side of the house, when he got up and told me to get out of the hole and wanted to show me something. He led me to a specific spot in my front yard and said dig here. To humor him, I put the shovel down and stepped on it. The whole area caved it. He then spoke his words of wisdom and said “I told them so!” I asked why he never told me over these months of watching me dig, he said you didn’t ask!” Apparently, when the owners were selling, they were in Florida and the septic tank was crushed for a new sewer line, the construction guys did not connect my sump pump to the new line. Water pumped out of my house right back into my basement!!!!! It cost $10.00 for a plastic pipe to fix the problem.

I imagine you are laughing right about now…and wondering where is Dave going with the devotion for the day:

In reality, we are all flawed houses! Oh, on the outside we look good…we try to sell ourselves as flawless, but when the storms of life come along, we leak. God’s word is very clear that we all sin and fall short of God’s will for us. We are flooded by the consequences of our sin, which is death. Those with a solid foundation of God’s Word can withstand the flood waters better…but sin always looks for a way to seep into our lives.

I decided to do it myself!…God never planned for us to be Lone Ranger Christians. The Lone Ranger had Tonto, Adam had Eve, Paul had Barnabas, Moses had Aaron, and Jesus sent them out 2 by 2. Who are those special people that God has placed in your life to walk alone side of you, as a spiritual partner? Some may feel all alone, and yet God has provided His church. People to get down in the hole and dig with you. We have resources online, small groups, Life Hurts God Heals, and pastors like me.

My neighbor never spoke…he just watched. Who do you know that is walking outside of God’s plan, making poor choices, digging a deeper hole every day. You watch, but don’t want to get involved…or are afraid they won’t receive your observations graciously. And yet they need someone to call it to their attention…to point out where the real problem lies. To point out the solution in God’s Word. My neighbor had the truth about my basement but never shared it. He let me flail for months and then said “you didn’t ask!” God wants you to take the initiative. Don’t make those people that God has placed in your life flail aimlessly because they have not asked you. Take the lead, create a relationship, wait for the right moment, with grace approach them and share the truth of God’s Word.

Until I found out what the real problem was, I had the wrong fix in mind. The reality was it was easy to fix the problem. You, and those you know and love, all have the same sin problem. The symptoms may look different, but sin is always at the center of it. There is only one fix…and His Name is Jesus. 1 John 1:8-9… If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Build your life on the only sure foundation…Jesus Christ!

So…now what? Well, I hope you have a dry basement….but the question is how do you find the leaks in your Christian walk, and how do you fix them?

  • First of all, CONNECT with God every day! Pray throughout the day for guidance. Read His word daily and / or devotionals like this one.
  • Then, take action, FOLLOW HIS LEAD. What is He calling you to do, to change, to fix, to become? Step out in faith and let the Lord walk alongside of you. He may point out flaws for you to work on…or someone He wants you to walk alongside of.
  • God loves you unconditionally…and He calls you to LOVE SOMEONE! Who do you know that needs a smile, a call, a card or phone call, a wave over the back fence?
  • God fixes your sin problem, He restores your relationship with Him….and then wants you to RESTORE RELATIONSHIPS as best as you can. Offer forgiveness to those who have hurt you…ask forgiveness from those you have hurt.