Life with God, our new member class, is a great place to learn (or relearn) the basic truth of God’s Word.


Over 10 weeks, our pastors and ministry staff will help you:

  • Discover and build an even stronger life with Christ
  • Create and establish new friendships with other Christ-followers
  • Identify and recognize spiritual gifts
  • Meet and interact with staff and ministry leaders

Our classes are offered twice a year in the Spring and in the Fall.

Want to join our class? Have a question? Contact Bennie Levy at [email protected]

Check out our newest members!

Fall 2023: Sunday Class
Front Row: Cathy Mayo, Kari Mayo, Patty Jamison, Lisa Graczyk, Tim Schneider

Middle Row: Renate Swider, Terry Bemer, Ruth Bemer, Greg McCullough, Linda McCullough, Abbie Schneider, Darla Babiak, Erin Garrison

Back Row: Joe Howard, Madi Howard, Jason Pitcole, Holly Pitcole, Kristine Babiak, Andrea Wright, Emily Graczyk, Mike McCullough

Not Pictured: Nick Schuster, Mike Mayo

Fall 2023: Tuesday Class
Front Row: Jenna Streicher, Josh Pingel, Grace Pingel, Elfi Schuster, Linda Leininger

Back Row: David Kramms, Nick Smith, Ryan Pfleger, Darcie Pfleger, Nick Gut, Kim Gut, George Schuster, Steve Bernardini, Kate Bernardini, Mike Leininger

Lower Right: Marian Schoening

New Member Bios