Life with God, our new member class, is a great place to learn (or relearn) the basic truth of God’s Word.


Over 10 weeks, our pastors and ministry staff will help you:

  • Discover and build an even stronger life with Christ
  • Create and establish new friendships with other Christ-followers
  • Identify and recognize spiritual gifts
  • Meet and interact with staff and ministry leaders

Our classes are offered twice a year in the Spring and in the Fall.

Want to join our class? Have a question? Contact Bennie Levy at

Check out our newest members!

November 2021

Front row: Cathie Varnes, Laura Nennstiel, Nancy Marcinonis, Lydia Marcinonis, Renea Ackerman, Beth Elliott, Dustin Elliot
Back row: Debra Kamms, Jean Spencer, Harry Spencer, Mariah Deka, Rebecca Mudra, Nicole Burrows
Not pictured: Amanda Krenz
March 2021
Pete & Jill Radosavljevic, Pastor Zahrte, Mark Rudolph
Bonnie & Jeff Eggers, Brett Marcis & Olivia Helander, PJ & Jessica Eisenloeffel
November 2020 
Pastor Zahrte, Pastor Harris, Kimberly Roden, Audra Dischinger,
Henry Reitinger, Allison Maitino, Dawn Mohnke, RoAnne Frederick and Carla Jamieson,
Dave Mohnke, Jayme Ulichnie (& Lana), Sheila Cummings (& Casandra), Courtney Lampinen,
Leo Lampinen
Not pictured: Steve Moore, Amanda Moore
March 2020
Front row:  Karen Kitzel, Peggy Marko, Christine Napoli, Christine Bradshaw, Marissa Calhoun, Mark Mrazek, Melissa Huelsman
Back row: Dell Kitzel, Jim Marko, Frank Ferraro, Tedd Cropper, Chris Ferraro, Judd Morrison, Jessica Brand, Michael Brand, Anthony Fontana, Lauren Fontana, Christian Huelsman
Not pictured: Matthew Luecke, Andrew Beavers, Cassandra Beavers, Matthew Hlavacek, Hannah Hlavacek 
November 2019
Front row: Catherine Wood, Barb Disterhof, Avery Zacharias, Lindsey Lee
Back row: Dan Russell*, Lee Disterhof, Drew Davidson, Ryan Duran, Matthew Lee  – * class only
November 2019
Front row:  Ralph Gallagher, Sr., Judy Gallagher, Shannon Morrison, Marty Craig, Donna Wilson, Barb Krecji, Phyllis Fohs
Back row: Stefaniia Sondei, Ralph Gallagher, Jr., Smita Gallagher, Meredith Leech, Melody Fawcett-Leech, Mickey Leech, Duane Hein, Julie Hein, Kristen Kerner, Jim Kerner

March 2019

Front row: Molly Largent, Cate Olszewski, Delores Gilkey, Sandi Buchholz, Heather Service
Back row: Jodi Largent, Terry Neithhamer, Bill Parsons, Andrea Raabe, Rich Raabe, Troy Service
March 2019
Larissa Digman, Jennifer Coggins, Chris Coggins